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Floor Cleaning & Restoration

We can get your tired, worn looking floor cleaned and restored back to its original condition quickly and effectively.


We offer comprehensive internal floor restoration for almost any type of floor.

From solid woods and laminates ,to marble floors and tiles.

Our experts have the skills to bring your floor back to life and seal it for a long-lasting finish.

We undertake wooden floor sanding, floor grouting and tiling, even marble floor polishing and the cleaning and sealing of slate, terracotta, limestone and granite.

Anti-slip coating can be applied if required.


Wooden Floor Sanding

Let us take care of your wooden floor sanding and finishing, we can quickly restore a tired and worn looking floor back to its original condition quickly and effectively.

We’re able to offer floor sanding on traditional solid wood floors and many of the modern engineered wood floors too, carefully removing scuffs, scratches, and stains with our unrivaled floor sanding techniques.

Once the floor has the old varnish and damage removed we can finish it with a variety of treatments, and we offer some of the latest sealants to ensure your wooden floor sanding and restoration looks good long into the future.

Floor Cleaning

The Very Best In Natural Stone Floor Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning.

If your home includes tile or natural stone flooring, we offer a range of treatments to bring it back to its original stunning condition – eliminating the dulling that it has received from years of wear and tear.

Many of the modern stone floors are susceptible to abrasion and erosion over time, but our marble floor polishing and sealing can restore them to their prime and protect them with a superior surface finish.

As well as marble floor polishing we’re able to provide floor grouting and tiling cleaning to remove and replace tired or missing grout, broken tiles and a wide range of damage to natural stone or terracotta tiles.

Contact us today for more information on any of our internal floor restoration – we’ll be happy to discuss your needs for wooden floor sanding, marble floor polishing or floor grouting and tiling.

Anti-slip Coating

We offer an anti-slip floor coating treatment for those dangerous and slippy floor areas.

This prevents slips, trips and falls enhancing the safety of your employees, work colleagues and members of the public. We can apply the treatment to flooring, ramps, stairs, and platforms.

Carpet cleaning

Restore the beauty and freshness of all your carpets and flooring…

The powerful extraction equipment we use and our fully trained technicians, provide cleaner and drier carpets for your home or business. We deliver stunning results on time every time.

Our 5 stage carpet cleaning process

  • Professional vacuuming the carpets with a powerful twin motor machine. This removes dry material from the surface of you carpet.
  • A pre-treatment spray is applied to all high traffic areas.
  • Carpets are cleaned using the hot water extraction machine.
  • Any stained areas are treated as required
  • Your carpet is groomed to leave it looking its very best.